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In 2021 Wells Projects received Arts Council Funding to run an ambitious programme of screenings. We commissioned four artists- Gemma Lewis, Charlie Wood, Ker Wallwork and Emily Mulenga, to produce short films around the topic of the cooking show. These films were edited into a running order with animations from Kariem Ismail.  We screened these films in a local cafe called the North Street Deli. We had built a relationship with the Deli over lockdown and we were keen to present artwork in non-art spaces. 

Later that year we made friends with Andy from The Amersham Arms. He allowed us to use the room above the pub for another screening. This time we also included a series of Artist Led films from residence of the guardianship property Hazel Court. There was also a short screening from curators valerie Biondo and Barney Kass. We had music from DJ Red Pepper, Thomas Dickson and Barney Kass. 

Artists included Kartine Skovsgaard,. Luca Piercey, Beth Carter, Dolly Kershaw, Louise Orsted Jensen, Aria Kiani, James Chegwyn, Matete Martini, and Helen Zervou

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