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SQUASH was a pop-up, DIY performance and installation show at a disused leisure centre in South London. Four artists were given a squash court space to work in. Charlie Hawksfield, Chloe Langois, Katrine Skovsgaard and O.I.L.S performed for one day only. Katrine showed her Chronicals piece, developed on residency in Sweden. It included a tufted sculpture and a choral performance. Charlie showed a film and a folly, inspired by the work of his friend Andy who cleans windows on skyscrapers. Chloe designed a performance around the occultist writings of Abraham of Worms, and O.I.L.S played a set of ambient music with accompanying light show. SQUASH was curated by Charlie Hawksfield, Katrine Skovsgaard and Dolly Kershaw. Thanks to Alice Simons-Denville, Luca Piercey, Dolly Kershaw and James Chegwyn for their help. 

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