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2019-2020 : Turps Banana Correspondence Course


2016-2017 : Goldsmiths University Of London- MA with Distinction Culture Industry


2012-2013: University of Westminster- Merit MA Creative Writing: Writing the City


2009-2012: Goldsmiths University of London-1st Class BA Social and Cultural Studies


     2022 Cypress College of Art, Lemba, Cypress

     2021 1886 Magazine Lateral Geographies, Online 

     2021 Typa Printing Residency, Tartu, Estonia

     2019 Trelex Residency : Nyon, Switzerland


      2021 Westminster Council Void Space initiative. Wells Projects Pop-up (Curator/Director) (CANCELLED)

      2021 1886 Magazine Lateral Geographies, Online 

      2021 Wandsworth Art Commission, Battersea Flag

      2020 Green Close Pheonix Project associated with NHS England. Delivered Wells Project's Cryptocartography workshops.


     2022 Flags and Keys, Art Lacuna, Battersea, London




       2023 Small, Group show (artist) Angela De La Cruz Studios


      2023 SQUASH (artist/curator) London

      2022 Model Village, Group Show, (artist) Amersham Arms, London

      2022 Wells Kitchen/Hazel Court TV Screenings (artist/curator) Amersham Arms, London

      2022 Tapestries, Group show. (artist) Deptford, London 

      2021 Parallel, Group show. (artist) Typa gallery, Tartu, Estonia

      2021 Square Gallery- Grove Collective Open (artist) Battersea, London.

       2021 Voyage of Absurdity (artist) Craft Central 

       2021 Caught in the Act, (artist, curator) Wells projects

       2021 In Absentia (Artist) Turps Banana Correspondence          Course 2019/2020 Group Show, Cohort Art. Online

       2021 Unfold (Artist) Group Show, Sprout Arts, Wandsworth London. Curated by Wandsworth Art Grads and Izabel Wocial. 

        2020 A Rudimentary Eduaction (artist) Art Lacuna

        2020 My House is an Island (artist) Arhousehaus

        2020 Silent Disco (Curator) Wells Projects

        2019 Detritus. Wells Projects (artist/curator/host)

        2019 R U Mental? curated by Alice Kidney, (host) Wells Projects

        2019 Stuff of the Universe, Wells Projects (artist/curator/host)

        2019 Greenhouse, curated by Alice Morey, Galeria Luigi

        2019 Tailbone The Artesian Wells, London (Host)

        2018- Undercurrents The Artesian Wells, London (Host)

        2017- The Last Place God Built Stable Studios, Sussex 

        2016- Group Show Le Dame Gallery London.

        2016- Visiting Artist Worthing Art Studios.

        2015- Interrogating the Soul. Group show. Safe House 1. 



      2023 Gut Feelings Anthology 

      2022 FIELDNOTES Edition 2 

      2021 Touch edition, Fragmented Magazine

      2021:Nobody Journal, Online

      2021 Sluice-Institution Edition. Print. 

      2021 Deeply Sorry Mag, Online

      2020 SUR/CHARGE, zine collab with Heloise Acher 


     2022 They Fox, Fieldnotes Journal, fiction. In print. 

     2021 Sluice- Briar Patching, Online

     2021 Floor Magazine, Interview with Gary LaPoint Jr

     2021 Floor Magazine, Interview with Jeff Kraus

     2021 Sluice Magazine "When Did Everybody Start Hating Art School?" full article, Institutions edition. 

     2016 Ariadne's thread, Poetry

     2016 Irish Literary Review, Poetry



2023 Production Manager Angela De La Cruz.

2022 Teaching online Elephant Academy

2020- Studio Assistant Yulia Iosilzon Studios

2021- Studio Assistant Anousha Payne

2019- Festival Assistant (Project Delivery) Deptford X


2019- Freelance Technician Pippy Holdsworth Gallery, Kopple Project, Wells Projects, Unit 31

2018- Launched Artist-Led Space Wells Projects. Host/Technician/Events Manager, 


20172018— Studio Assistant at Jade Fadojuitimi Studio. 


2016-2017 Volunteer with Counterpoints Arts (charity)


2017 Freelance Art Technician (Cockpit Arts, British Museum, Tate Modern, Youtube Headquarters London))


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