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The Folly Building Workshop

The Folly Building Workshop is an experimental, self-build project. We designed a structure for our community out of up-cycled material in 2022. The first folly was built in Camberwell with the help of House 54 community group, we discussed the merits of communial living and what's sort of structure might reflect that.


Building a folly was also the way I began to work with Andy Heather, this collaboration went on to become the Glass Delusion installation. Sluice has invited me to run a Folly Building Workshop in Colchester this year. 

PNG image-8C72F290A24A-1.png



The first workshop took place at House 54 in Camberwell. Participants include Ali Ray, Katrine Skovsgaard, Thom Dickson, Andy Heather, Roman Kolevski, Vitali Pärn, Chloe Langois and Mila Alexandova. Artists Clair Nichols and Joe Moss were employed to have opersee. Video from Sasha Freeman and photos from Katrine Skovsgaard. 



As well as members of the workshops, other members of the community helped build the Folly including Verity Sharp and Aria Kaini. The build took two months, all material used was sources sustainable and up cycled from local businesses including the Cooke Lathem Gallery, Art Lacuna and Wandsworth Scrapstore. 



The launch was organised for the end of summer, performances came from Chloe Langois, Aria Kaini, Verity Sharp, Sweet Baby and Will the Folksinger. The folly will remain in the community at House 54 in Camberwell used for meet-ups, talks and performances as well as becoming part of the garden. 

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