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They Fox

They Fox is an experimental short story influenced by my research into chaos theory and superposition. The story is an autobiogrpahical attempt to map the relationship between two people. Published in Fieldnotes 2022.

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Briar Patching

Briar Patching is an essay for Sluice on the merits of running grassroots, artist-led spaces over top-down developments. Rather than coopting creative projects, Briar Patching argues for a system of grounding space in a less regulated, more organic way.


When Did Everybody Start Hating Art School?
Sluice Magazine Institution Edition

Sluice editor Karl England asked me to submit a piece for their Institution themed edition of Sluice Magazine. I interviewed art students during their cancelled final year shows and zoom lectures of the pandemic year and found a longer history of despair over the state of the British Art School. 

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Interview with Gary Lapointe Jnr.
Floorr Magazine

I interviewed artist Gary Lapointe Jnr. for the latest edition of Floorr Magazine

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Irish Literary Review 

A poem that was published in the Irish Literary Review

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