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3D Model Cryptocartography.JPG 4.JPG

During Covid-19 and the following lockdown, Wells Projects moved online and ran “The Digital Commune,” a series of online collaborations and participatory art projects. For lack of a physical space, we expanded our platform for relational experimentation into the digital realm. The Digital Commune’s aim was to create a virtual space, where complete strangers can collaborate and experiment, to form a playful and organic representation of the times we are living in. One of these projects was Cryptocartography, a participatory map-making and 3D modelling workshop.

​​We created a process to help visualise where we are at the moment. Being present is one of the hardest things to do in times of struggle and maps are a way to (re)position ourselves. In the course of three workshops, through brainstorming and map-making, we focused on memories, mental health and recovery during quarantine. We drew maps, discussed their relevance and importance to each person and imagined – physical or psychological- spaces of community. These loose, imaginative drawings were then transferred into Tinkercad, a 3D modelling software, where we collaboratively designed a space that bears the mark of each participant. We then 3D printed the models as physical objects. The project is developing and we are running more workshops outside of quarantine. 

3D Model Cryptocartography.JPG
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